FaHCSIA Library – Independent Review

I worked with Callida Consulting to undertake an independent review and evaluation of the nature and form of the current products and services offered by the Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs Library and determine if they are cost efficient, aligned with the current and emerging information needs of its multiple stakeholders and determine whether opportunities for improvements exist. The review also examined how well the Library’s services and products align with the current FaHCSIA Strategic Framework (June 2012).

Mentoring and Coaching in the Information and Knowledge Management Sectors

I have a number of clients, mainly women, who work in the information and knowledge sectors, for whom I provide professional mentoring and coaching services. We generally meet fortnightly or monthly depending on the needs of the client and where they are in their professional development journey.  This is a very exciting role where I suspect I learn as much from my clients as they do from me. (July 2009 – ongoing)

Murray Darling Basin Authority- Science into Story

I worked as part of a consortia of consultants, under the Australian River Restoration Centre, to take a comprehensive publication on the Trout Cod in the Lower Murray Darling and produce a book, a series a booklets (by catchment), a series of short documentary films, and an interactive web site about the Trout Cod and other native fish. This is an excellent example of taking science and communicating the results through story and providing it through multiple channels – both paper based and online. (July 2011 – December 2011)

Hawkesbury Nepean River Recovery Program – Evaluation

I worked with the Australian River Restoration Centre and Graham Durant-Law of HyperEdge to evaluate the $72m Hawkesbury Nepean River Recovery Program. This evaluation project used a combination of Social Network Analysis (HyperEdge) and two narrative techniques being one on one interviews and ‘anecdote circles’ and a sensemaking process to identify the key players and outcomes of the Program (July-August 2011)

Australian Government Library and Information Network (AGLIN) – Workshop

I conducted a ½ day workshop on Introduction to Narrative Techniques for User Engagement. This workshop took the participants on a practical journey through the various communication and conversation techniques for positive user (stakeholder) engagement. (August 2011)

Evaluating Information and Library services using Narrative Techniques- Workshop

I conducted a one-day workshop for Library and Information Specialists on using narrative techniques for evaluating services and demonstrating Return on Investment for these services.  This workshop was conducted in conjunction with Australia’s largest conference for information professionals, Information Online Australia 2011. This workshop attracted 21 attendees and resulted in very positive feedback. (February 2011)

Sunshine Coast Council- Staff development workshops

Siwan Lovett, of the Australian River Restoration Centre, and I were invited to the Sunshine Coast Council to run a team building and communication workshop with a large group of strategy and on-ground council staff. This was very successful and was followed up with a team planning day where a range of issues about knowledge management and storytelling were discussed. (February 2011 – ongoing)

National Water Commission – Knowledge & Adoption Framework

I developed a Knowledge & Adoption Framework for the National Water Commission Groundwater Action Plan.  This involves both developing the Framework and an Action Plan for 94 Groundwater Projects. (February –May 2011)

Desert Channels Queensland – Staff development workshops

I travelled to Longreach with Siwan Lovett of the Australian River Restoration Centre to deliver a two-day intensive course. The first day focused on communication and team building, while the second examined ways to foster and promote creativity and innovation in organisations. Workshop participants were drawn from across the local community and the event was highly rated by all those involved. Testimonials are available on the www.arrc.com.au website. (November 2010)

CSIRO Stream Leaders Workshop – Focusing on Leadership & Knowledge Management

What makes a good leader? This two-day workshop brought together senior research scientists to discuss how to develop and enhance their leadership skills. The workshop used a range of interactive sessions to encourage participants to think about Why they do what they do and how they can provide leadership, motivation and encouragement for those they work with. I worked with Siwan Lovett of the Australian River Restoration Centre to deliver this program. These workshops will be an ongoing event, with plans already in place for the 2011 get together of this group of people. (November 2010)

National Water Commission – Indexing projects

I worked with Siwan Lovett of the Australian River Restoration Centre to catalogue and index all National Water Commission projects for publication and internal use. (November- December 2010)

NRM South Tasmania – Development of an Information and Knowledge Strategy

I first conducted workshops for staff at NRM South on how to develop an information and knowledge strategy in July 2009.  The NRM South staff went on to collect all the data required to develop the strategy and then I  facilitated an Information and Knowledge Strategy process resulting in a 6 month Action and Implementation Plan. (Completed in November 2010)

Central West Catchment Management Authority (NSW) – Facilitating the Development of an Innovation Strategy

Through the Australian River Restoration Centre I worked with the Central West CMA to facilitate their need to become more innovative in their work practices and engagement with community and government stakeholders.  This work follows on from the development of a knowledge strategy undertaken while managing the Knowledge for Regional NRM Program at Land & Water Australia.  Client: Central West CMA (2010)

Land & Water Australia – Navigating through the Natural Resource Management (NRM) maze

I worked with Land & Water Australia as Program Manager of the Knowledge for Regional NRM Program. This Program delivered a combination of people and technology strategies with the overarching objective of facilitating better linkages between regional NRM bodies and knowledge (research, community and indigenous) providers, and to assist regional NRM bodies to better manage their information and knowledge.  These solutions give the NRM sector the information and technology platforms required to manage information and communicate with their stakeholders and also developed mechanisms and processes to build the capacity of the regional NRM staff to use these tools effectively. Client: Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry funded through the Natural Heritage Trust (2006 to 2009)

Australian Agriculture and Natural Resources Online (AANRO) – Database redevelopment

I worked with the original AANRO Task Force to establish the redevelopment strategy for AANRO to become Australia’s first discipline based full text repository.  The new AANRO Management Committee engaged Land & Water Australia (LWA) as the managing agent for the 40+ AANRO partners.  I have extensive experience in organising information for efficient and effective retrieval and my advice is often sought for these projects.  I  understand the business need for web2.0 technologies and how they can be incorporated into web based products and services and for effective stakeholder engagement. I also incorporate the human behaviour and capacity building side of good information and knowledge practices which lead to the most effective outcomes for projects. (2006 to 2009).

FaHCSIA – Knowledge & Information Services 

I managed the FaHCSIA Knowledge and Information Service team to develop and enhance skills and knowledge in order to achieve productivity gains.  Some of the measurable productivity gains included fewer unplanned leave days, lower staff turnover or smarter ways of working. The approach I used was not just about cutting costs.  The methodology was developed while managing the Knowledge & Information Services Section at Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs (FaHCSIA).  The results of this approach were demonstrated in a team in FaHCSIA of over 40 staff which had an unplanned leave ratio 30% below the Australian Public Service (APS) average and an age profile for the team which ameliorates the baby boomer retirement issues faced across the general APS. This approach resulted in the team being awarded a Gold actKM award in 2003 for cultural change (1991 to 2006).

FaHCSIA – Guide to the Social Security Act Digital Archive

I managed the redevelopment and digitisation of the archive of the Guide to the Social Security Act.   This database is a primary tool for policy development in FaHCSIA and client service delivery in Centrelink as well as a key information source for the Social Security Appeals Tribunal.  It captures and preserves the history of the development of the Social Security Act, informing decisions regarding the allocation of pensions and benefits are based on the interpretive information in the Guide.  The Guide is a record of legislative history and it is crucial that it be absolutely accurate so that it can provide authoritative support if and when these appeals go forward to the Social Security Appeals Tribunal.  Previously this information had been largely lost to the portfolio and the project involved retrieving potentially corrupted information and creating a digital archive that is now considered best practice by National Archives of Australia.  This project was evaluated using a combination of traditional survey and narrative qualitative techniques to demonstrate a Return on Investment.  The project was awarded a Gold actKM technical award at the October 2005 annual actKM Conference (2002 to 2005).

Professional development and mentoring – I was Chair of the Special Libraries Association (SLA) Knowledge Management Division in 2009.  2009 was the Centennial year of this highly respected international professional association and the Knowledge Management Division is still the fastest growing Division of SLA.  I have conducted a continuing education courses on using narrative techniques for evaluating information and knowledge services and the course has been repeated in Washington DC 2009, New Orleans in June 2010, and Philadelphia June 2011.  I am highly committed to developing the next generation of information and knowledge professionals and have been a member of the Charles Sturt University School of Information Studies Course Advisory Committee.  I am also a regular speaker at both national and international conferences in information and knowledge management and stakeholder engagement. I am also the Deputy Convenor of actKM, the largest and most active international knowledge management virtual community of practice. I am also President of the Australia-New Zealand Chapter of SLA in 2011.